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      Hi All,


      Job is in single column.


      But Footnote flow with reference number at the bottom of every page using Document Footnote options and word doc file.   //working fine


      My question, is it possible in a single column book footnote only comes in two columns(within the single text frame or seperate frame)


      Any option using script or manual.




      please refer the screenshot





      Could anyone give solution.




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          David W. Goodrich Level 3

          The first place I check for anything relating to InDesign’s limited note-handling capabilities is Peter Kahrel’s site, where he calls the kind you need “Inline footnotes.”  Peter is kind enough to credit me with publicizing a simple workaround that requires a trick but no scripting, which he further developed with a couple of scripts.  The workaround involves creating a special, indented paragraph style for the 2nd (or later) note(s) on a line, defined with zero leading.  Applying that attribute complicates fiddling with the note in layout view, making the Story Editor particularly handy.