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    Adobe Flashplayer Plugin Installation fails


      I am running Firefox/Aurora 21.0a2 (2013-04-01).  A window shows that I need to install Adobe Flash Plugin and a place to click to install.  I click to install and save the file.  The file is clicked to open and then downloads part way and ends with the message "a newer version already exists...."  It takes me to the Flash Player page and try that installation.  Doesn't work.  Next I go to the Help/Support page (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player.html?promoid=ISMRY).  It claims in No. 1 instruction that the arrow points to a box showing my OS and existing version of Flashplayer.  Remarkably the box shows nothing.  I still go to instruction No. 2 which has a button to download and install.


      After that doesn't work, I find instructions directing me to uninstall Flashplayer. I use and follow the steps of my RevoUninstaller that removes and scans for leftover files and registry for a complete removal.

      I reinstall and same newer version message.  I then use WinPatrol to remove or disable any Adobe file from startup, stop services, or processes.   I go back to Adobe Website, download new installer and the same message appears.  At this point I'm ready to completely remove all Adobe products from my computer which I do.  Guess what?  Same message!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      Any new suggestions, besides dropping my computer from a tall building would be appreciated.


      Thanks, Sandi