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    Indesign bugs


      We have a fresh installation of Creative Cloud and Adobe Software. I used to have Master Collection on this very same PC but we swapped to a newer Creative Cloud solution that is also localized in our language. Now to my issue, Indesign
      wont render any textlayers on the display, and many of the interface buttons are gone until you mouseover them.


      The textlayer is visible sometimes if i click in it and CTRL+A and change color of the text. But as soon as I click somewhere else it´s not seen, however the layer is there and I can move it around it´s just that the actual text isnt rendered.
      It´s not a layer order thing since I´ve tried this in a completely new and empty document.BUG INDESIGN.JPG
      As you can see there is supposed to be a black text rendered in the screenshot, also the interfacebuttons in the top are bugging...