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    Troubleshooting: Drag and Drop by using IE 10 and Indesign CS4

    PatrickHilt Level 1

      Hi all,


      Since the newest IE-Update it is not possible to drag and drop a picture into Indesign in a combined frame situation:


      1. Create a new document

      2. Create a new (empty) text frame (T)

      3. Create a new (empty) rectangle frame (F) that overlaps the text frame

      4. Drag a picture in IE 10

      5. Drop the picture into the overlapping zone of both frames


      Now, the text frame behind the rectangle frame reacts in the case of dropping the picture and Indesign fills the URL(!) of the picture in the text frame. Although the rectangle frame has to react, the text frame takes the URL of the picture and shows this URL as its text after dropping the picture. If I drop the picture in this area of the rectangle frame where no overlapping can be found, all is ok: the picutre will be shown in this rectangle frame.


      Obviously it seems to be a problem of the new update of the Internet Explorer 10 because Version 10.0.8400.x still worked fine.


      Does anyone have this problem too? Is there somewhere perhaps a setting in Indesign that I could activate (or deactivate)?


      My problem is that I don't work with Indesign regularly and the employees in the company have to use Internet Explorer, because there is a tool that only works with Internet Explorer.



      - Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise SP1

      - Adobe Indesign CS4 6.0.6

      - Internet Explorer 10.0.9200.16521


      Every helpful hint is welcome!




      Patrick Hilt