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    Critical error where found at system check for installation of cs4 on Windows 7 Pro


      Dear community.


      i would like to reinstall a windows 7 pro with service pack 1 pc and i have these adobe products:


      Indesign cs4 full


      Photoshop cs4 (upgrade)

      Photoshop cs2 full


      Illustrator cs4 (upgrade)

      Illustrator cs2 full



      I installed both cs2 (Illustrator and Photoshop) and now i would like to install both cs4 upgrades.


      When i start the installation the system makes a system check, then the blue windows opens (photoshop) and direct after that a error message opens who says "Critical error where found in setup. Please see the setup log files for details"

      Where can i find these seup log files ? Setup is not startet so i am not sure if there are any log files to check.


      Adobe error.JPG


      can someone give me a hint please.

      The support hotline says that they do not support cs4 anymore 


      thank you very much!