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    Open new window (using javascript) with htmlText text field not working - weird.

      I really hope someone has a minute to help me figure this out. First, I really hate popping up new windows, and I hate relying on javascript, but lets just imagine this is something I have to do.

      Ok, so all I really want to do is open a new javascript window from within my Flash file. To do this, I'm calling a function in flash which calls the javascript function in the html file.

      It's really weird. When I call the flash function with a button, it runs the flash function which runs the javascript function which opens the window - even with Safari and Firefox popups blocked.

      When I call the flash function with the htmlText text field, it calls the Flash function which calls the javascript function, but the window is blocked by the popup blocker.

      This seems very strange to me. How does the browser know the differnence? Has anyone found a way to open a new window using an htmlText field which won't trigger a pop-up blocker?

      Attached are my test files. And here's my testing link:

      Many, many thanks,

      Josh Knight

      Here's the AS code:

      Here's my testing page