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    RH 10: How do I get Heading 1 to appear in printed Word TOC




      I can't get any Heading 1s to appear in printed Word TOC.


      Using Books and Topics (with titles as Heading 1 as a test).

      All other headings appear fine in the Word TOC.


      RH TOC example


      Functionality (Book)

           Function 1 (Topic) - has Heading 1 title, doesnt show in word TOC

           Function 2 (Topic) - has Heading 2 title, shows in word TOC

      Known Issues (Book)

           Issues 1 (Topic)


      Sure I can change the TOC field codes to include Heading 1 in the Word doc.


      Does RH only include Heading 2 and lower in the Word TOC, by default?


      Anyway to change this or what am I doing wrong?


      Many Thanks,