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    new flash version with chrome




      I have Chrome and was playing facebook games perfectly until the other day.  All of a sudden, I would have to click 1/4" lower than the actual buttons I wanted to click in order for it to work.  I tried the same games in IE and they worked fine.  I then thought that the problem was Chrome, so I uninstalled it and reinstalled it.  Hey, everything was great, well for a couple days anyway.  This morning, I go to play my games and it says I need a new version of Flash, as it's intergrated with Chrome...I went to about:plugins and enabled the one of the 2 that I was supposed to and then proceeded to my games.  SAME THING AGAIN!! I have to click 1/4" lower.  This is very annoying and I cannot play some of the games because of this..  I now realize that the problem is not with Chrome but it'swith Adobe Flash...how can I fix this?


      Please help,  thank you!