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    Temporarily "downgrading" CF10 Standard to Developer

    Aegis Kleais Level 3

      Long story short.  We have a PC called Thor running CF 10 on a physical server.  We brought up a PC called vThor (which will be renamed to Thor when all is said and done) running the SAME LICENSE KEY AS THOR (cause it will be its replacement) running CF 10 on a VIRTUAL server.


      Well, the migration failed miserably so after reverting back, we're going with a different approach.  Both servers are on our domain and are brought up at the same time, however, we have an additional IP address with our Host that I can use to route to vThor while Thor still functions as a live production server.  In this setup, I can then use the IP to test the other server without having to worry about bringing the other down due to licensing restrictions.


      So what I'd like to do is temporarily downgrade vThor to 'DEVELOPER' (max 2 client connections, run with Enterprise functions), and I'd like to, if possible, withold from uninstalling the thing.


      Once I get that done, it's off to fight one of the WEIRDEST issues I have ever seen with a web server... but that's for another thread.