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    Is the location of the Conformed Media Cache important?

    MandMcK22 Level 1

      Hi,  I think I've made a mistake.  Today I got a SSD just for the cache in AE and set the preferences.  I changed the "Disk Cache" to the new SSD and then also changed the second option "Conformed Media Cache" to the new SSD - then watching some videos I noticed others have only changed the "Disk Cache" and left the second option as c:\users\name\AppData\Local\Temp.  I tried to put the second option back, but when I browse for the folder within the preferences framework I cannot see it.  Deleting the preferences didn't alter the Conformed Media Cache as set by me today.  I changed it today thinking that the new SSD has more space than my c drive which is also an SSD.  My questions are, can I leave the conformed media cache on the same drive as the disk cache?  If not, can I just make a folder on c drive under users and use that?  If neither and I need to reinstate the default folder, how can I see that through the AE preferences dialogue box?   


      My setup is an i7 3820 with 64gig of RAM, programs running from a SSD, another SSD just for the cache, standard modern hard drives that keep my assets from my project files and another for finished and rendered items. My GPU is an Nvidia GeForce 560 and I have added this to the list so AE uses it.


      Thanks in advance for taking the time to consider my problem.