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    Swf deactivate

    Ganesh_Rocking_the_Stage Level 1
      I Know using js how to activate flash, is their is any method from which we can direcly we can write code on object tag instead of using script tag bec i am integrating flash with one of my company software in that particular when i write script tag in body it not playing so i must have to use object tag only


      Sekha hai only jetna aur jit te hi rahenge aginst .
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          I'm not sure I completely understand your question... but here's what I believe you're asking:

          You can't avoid the click-to-activate behaviour in IE without using a javascript replacement method. My personal favourite is swfobject.

          Do you mean that javascript is disabled in your company browser?

          Otherwise I'm not sure what the script tag in the body issue is. However there is I believe a difference between how swfobject works vs. adobe's activecontent.js. I've run swfobject completely inside the head tags. It just requires a div id to target inside the body and needs to wait to run once the DOM has loaded. swfobject also generates an object tag or an embed tag and not both. I don't believe the same is true for activecontent.js.