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    Photoshop CS6 Save for Web not working

    RaphDuBus Level 1

      I am using photoshop CS6 (cloud) on Mac (10.7.5) and when I use the Save For Web > save, i got the following popup :


      ---- Adobe Save For Web Error ----

      Could not complete this operation. An unknown operating system error has occurred.




      I have been using CS6 for months and it worked fine yesterday before shutting done. Today morning at startup it was not working anymore.

      I have tried to  uninstalled and reinstalled photoshop, clear my presets, shut down/started up, repair disk, repair permissions,... without succes.


      The save for web function still works in CS5.


      Any help will be very much appreciated,


      Raphaël K.

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          conroy Level 5

          Try deleting the SFW preferences file so Ps creates a new one.


          Copy the following path to the clipboard:



          In Finder, press Shift+Cmd+G to get the Go To Folder dialog then paste the copied path and click OK.


          Locate the following file and delete it:

          Adobe Save for Web 13.0 Prefs
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            RaphDuBus Level 1

            Thanks Conroy,

            I have done this already, several times, without any success...

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              I just started a different thread with this same issue because I couldn't find any similar thread.  I noticed you're running 10.7.5;  I wonder if that's the conflict, because I do not have the same problem at all on a Macbook Air running 10.8.  I only began having it on a different machine, a Macbook running 10.7.5, when I upgraded to CS6 from 5.5.  Never had the problem and used Save for Web all the time.  Here's the thread I started an hour ago.  Should I consolidate it here?




              I also trashed the photoshop save for web 13 prefs, but it didn't help.  Thanks!

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                RaphDuBus Level 1

                Thanks AOPTR,


                I do not think that 10.7.5 may be the problem. Because photoshop CS6 has perfectly works for several month on this Os.


                I just make a quick test, and now, it's working again. I have done nothing spécial since last time, so this behaviour is really strange...

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                  AOTPR Level 1

                  Thanks!  I'm still not seeing any change in this.  I had a response in the other thread but it's long so I won't copy it here, here's the url for the thread;  it's about repairing permissions, which I've tried.(http://forums.adobe.com/message/5242626#5242626)

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                    AOTPR Level 1

                    Hi RaphDuBus, and Thanks again;  I was able to solve the problem, I think completely.  The explanation is long, and I've just included it in the thread at http://forums.adobe.com/message/5242626.  The essence seems to have been in the actual permissions manually set (via Get Info) on the folder (the entire folder) at user/library/preferences.  I don't have any explanation of how they could have been changed;  whether they were changed in the CS6 download / update process, perhaps because of some 10.5 inconsistency, or whether they had been changed earlier and for some reason did not prevent the Save for Web from working in CS5.5.  More details are in the thread referenced above.  Thanks!


                    I should add that the second, related problem of the error message that would appear on quitting Photoshop (a message about being unable to save the preferences file) was also fixed.  This makes sense, both the Photoshop preferences and the Save for Web preferences are included in the folder that was apparently the issue.

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                      RaphDuBus Level 1

                      Hi AOTPR and thanks for all your explanations.

                      It is now really clear and i'm sure that it will be really helpfull !

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                        spopule Level 1

                        I had a similar problem, I solved it by deleting the save for web pref for Illustrator and photoshop, and letting both recreate new ones. I did try just doing photoshop alone at first, but did seem to work only when deleting both did I have success. Hope this helps someone.

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                          AOTPR Level 1

                          Thanks -- I never would have thought to try that, it's a great idea.

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                            rmink Level 1

                            I found the solution (took forever to consolidate all the answers) for OS X 10.9 + Maverick. Finally!


                            1. Change permissions (as AOTPR says) to your User/Library/Preferences file so that your admin and user (the one you are using) has read + write permissions within the Get Info pane (command+I). You may have to add them with the sign.


                            2. Delete Adobe save for web 12.0 Prefs & Adobe save for web 13.0 Prefs files within the User/ Library/ Preferences folder. These may be hidden for some people, so when in a finder window, hold Option(alt) and click Go from the main top menu (keep holding Option/Alt) and click Library — the full Preferences folder should open for you.


                            3. Change the view when in Save for web pane in PS. If you have it in Cover Flow — it won't work. Change it to another view like List or Columns view.


                            Presto! Works for me on Maverick.


                            Thank god. It took forever to get this cleared up!!

                            If you have any questions, email me rob@rminkdesign.com

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                              evan.bovie Level 1

                              These aren't the prefs you are looking for (at least you are missing one). These steps will probably solve your problem:

                              1. Open Disk Utility
                                1. Select your HD partition
                                2. Click Repair Disk Permissions
                              2. Open a Finder window 
                                1. Copy this to your clipboard:

                                2. Press ⇧⌘G
                                3. Paste the copied path
                                4. Delete the file named Adobe Save for Web 13.0 Prefs

                                5. Copy this to your clipboard:

                                  ~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/Plugins/Adobe Save for Web CS6
                                6. Press ⇧⌘G
                                7. Paste the copied path
                                8. Delete the file named Adobe Save for Web CS6 Prefs
                                9. Empty your Trash


                              I'm running Mavericks (10.9). I suspect that when I was working on my last project, I renamed the folder I was working in. When I restarted Photoshop to save another project, it probably looked for the last saved to folder in the Save for Web plugin and raised an exception because it couldn't find the folder anymore.