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    SiteCatalyst video component


      I read through the analytics on OTB video component http://dev.day.com/docs/en/cq/current/administering/integrating_with_omniture/sitecatalyst .html and trying to emulate the same in our custom video component. I copied the analystics node from /libs/foundation/components/video/analytics to /apps/lexmark/homesite/components/video/analytics. When I include my video component to my SiteCatalyst framework, my video component only shows eventdata.videoName, eventdata.videoFileName and eventdata.videoFilePath as cq;variable. But when I include OTB video component on my SiteCatalyst framework, I see an additional dialog selection for 'Tracking method:' and 'Tracking offset' and tons of additional variables.


      I compared my analytics node with OTB video component, they are identical as that node is a copy. They both have in analytics node - cq:trackOffsetMilestones, cq:trackvars, cq:whatToTrack with same values.


      Why do I not see that additional selection dialog to select 'Tracking method:' and 'Tracking offset' and tons of additional variables?