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    Cannot see content in flash cs6




      I've just created a short animation of about 100-200 frames in length. I saved it multiple times throughout the process.


      However when I closed the file and reopened it, I see nothing now. No frames no layers no content. At first I was worried that I had lost the entire file however when I try to publish it to HTML / Flash it still publishes successfully and I can see my animation but I just can't see any of the actual content in the normal view.


      This is my first time working with flash in 10 years so I'm a bit rusty. I saved my animation as scene 1 called 'title' but now my scene 1 is just blank.


      What's happened??


      Please help.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You mentioned scene 1.  Is there any chance you were working in scene 2 or more?

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            ninstrebor Level 1

            No, I hadn't had the opportunity to create new / multiple scenes.


            Also - the whole time I was creating my frames, I could see full content with one exception: when I double clicked on a drawing I had done of a girl in order to animate various parts of her body. During this time everything also disappeared and all I saw was one layer - it seemed like this was a new layer or scene just for that image?? I didn't know what to so I just pressed undo at the time and carried on with the rest of my animation.