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    Unable to install CS4 on a 2nd computer.


      Seeking help installing CS4 on a 2nd computer.  I have CS4 on my desktop iMac (using OSX 10.7.5) and since I recently bought a MacBook Pro (using 10.8.3), I wanted to install it on there as well.  The only problem is that the MacBook Pro does not have a CD player.  To get around that, I put the CD contents on a USB Key.  I attempted to load CS4 on the MacBook Pro using the USB Key, but right off the bat it gave me an error when I double-clicked the SETUP folder:  "SETUP ERROR - Setup has encountered an error and cannot continue.  Contact Adobe Customer Support for assistance."  I tried this several times but got the same message.  I called Adobe however they were unable to help since it is an old version - they suggested I post the question here and see if someone can help.  The Adobe Rep did say that perhaps the Setup file was corrupted, but did not offer any further information beyond that. 

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          Noel Carboni Level 8

          Try copying the installation files into a temporary folder on the hard drive and installing from there.


          If you get the same error, try copying the whole thing again to the USB drive.  Be sure to get everything on the CD.



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            JIMMY78613 Level 1


              Thank you so incredibly much - I sincerely appreciate your help!

              I did just what you recommended and it worked perfectly!

              For anyone else reading this with the same problem, here is how I did it:

            1.   I copied the entire Photoshop CS4 to a USB Key
            2.   plugged that in to my MacBook Pro
            3.   made a New Folder on the Desktop of the MacBook
            4.   copied all the items from the USB Key to the New Folder
            5.   dropped the New Folder into the Macintosh HD on the MacBook
            6.   then went to the Photoshop CS4 folder on the Macintosh HD
            7.   double-clicked on the SETUP folder, and voila - it worked!
            8.   Once I entered the serial number, the program downloaded and the only hitches were that it did not have the latest Adobe AIR version, so I had to go   to the Adobe site and download a new version of that at www.adobe.com/go/getair


            I am so thankful - Adobe would not work with me since I had the older version of CS4, so I was faced with buying a new version of Photoshop, not being able to use it on my laptop, and possibly buying Aperture instead - none of which I really wanted to do.  So thanks again - you know your stuff and your help is greatly appreciated!  Sincerely,  Jimmy.

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              Noel Carboni Level 8

              You're welcome.  I'd like to also pass some credit on to whomever it was, some time ago, who reported back here on the forum that copying the installation files to the local hard drive worked where installing from external media did not, but alas I've long since forgotten the specific post.