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    Premiere Pro CS6 Not Playing Audio In AVCHD Video Files.

    C_Thorn3 Level 1

        Hello everyone.


        I am creating a video for a school project. I have signed out a camera from my school's Media services department. They gave me a Canon HD camcorder, which records video ONLY in AVCHD format. On the computer, the file is a .MTS file. It playes perfectly fine in Windows Media Player, video and audio, but when I import it into to Premiere, I loose my audio. The audio bar does'nt show up, as if it's just a vide file with no aaudio attached in it. I need the audio, and I'm completely lost as to what to do. I have tried the software that came with the product, it didn't help at all. I tried a few other things as well, all without sucess. How would I be able to edit my video WITH audio?


      P.S. In the timeline, the video comes up as a Purple bar, I don't know if that helps any. It is also labeled Purple in the footage bin.



      Thank you for helping me with this issue!