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    Move Adobe file from Documents to external drive


      Hello Community,


      Mac OS X 10.6.8 / Mac i7, 16 Gg ram, 1 Tb / Premiere Pro CS5 Production Premium Suite.


      Working on a large project and the "Pinwheel" is driving me...


      1 Tb Main drive is full. (952 Gb used - 47 Gb available)

      195 Gb would be available if I could move: Documents/Adobe folder. (INCLUDES: Encore, Adobe Media Encoder, Premiere Pro, Soundbooth / Auto-backups, Caches, etc)


      Is it possible to move Adobe folder to external drive?

      Will auto backups still be made in the same location (internal drive) or the new location on the external drive?


      Anytime I have moved Premiere Pro project files it has caused me grief so I am cautious.


      Have been unable to find help on Adobe support.

      This may be as simple as draging and droping but I want to be sure first.


      Help would be appreciated,