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    Resizing .indd question

    mentlity Level 1

      I have an .indd document which the contents need to be placed on to a new layout which is a smaller size as well as the paragraphs, fonts , line heights need to be resized as well.


      I have a new 3 page .indd document which was created with all the correct sizing of all the copy as a test, just to show the way it should be laid out. The original .indd file I would have to convert this to is 265 pages so this is a two part question.


      part 1 - there is ONE master to the new 3 page document so first I was trying to add a new page to that so I created ( creates a blank) and then selected added "apply master to pages" and I still do not see the styles applied to the master on the new page.

      am I doing this proecedure correctly?


      part 2 - Is there a way of creating an alternate style made from the dimensions of the new 3 page .indd file? meaning a way of selecting all the paragraphs from the orignal .indd and styling according to the size and style of the 3 page .indd file?


      Seems a tall order as I would think the only way would be to do page for page?


      A ton of work if this is so.


      before I attempt I would like to know if there is a better way