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    Short Brush Stroke Lag CS6 in Dual Monitor Setup

    tsader_2012 Level 1

      When I use a brush or any of the clone\healing tools the brush start lagging when I do you short and quick strokes.



      Longer and continuous strokes don't have any lagging going on.



      I have reinstalled the driver and tried a few different versions as well but the issue persists. I also tried different settings for the Graphics Processor in preferences but no change.



      I am on an Intuos5 L and before that I had the Intuos 3 A4 and I had the problems with that tablet as well.



      I am on i5 iMac Quad-Core 2.5ghz, 32gb ram Radeon HD 6750M 512 MB - Mac OS X 10.7.5






      After a few testing I realized this lagging appears to happen only when I am on Dual monitor setup.



      My main monitor is an Eizo CG222W I have Photoshop setup whereby all my tools and panels are on my iMac and the main window with the image is on my Eizo.

      When I only use my Eizo with tools and panels then the lagging disappears.



      Any suggestion?