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    Windows 7 Crashes.. Boots and wants Adobe Update.


      The last few [auto] updates from Adobe has caused a system lockup and sometimes blue-screens. I have updates disabled now, tiering down options from full-auto to "don't do anything".


      I run Windows 7 64 Bit on an AMD quad-core, 8 gigs of memory, and 4x500GB striped array (300GB for system partition).


      The sequence of events has been as follows:


      1> System freezes then (maybe) blue-screens

      2> Reboot system

      3> Once I logon Adobe would popup an update notification


      My activities vary, but most often I am just watching video with VLC player.


      Currently I do not have any auto-update selected, however, after updating Adobe Flash Player my system is not freezing [seemingly] randomly again.  The problem this time did not begin until Adobe's most recent update was posted; or as it would seem after going back through the past few weeks troubleshooting this "jack-in-the-box" problem.


      It has been very consistent that over the past year system lockups have all pointed back to Adobe Flash needing an update, even if the updater is disabled. I would love to remove Flash at this point but unfortunately Seagate has put faith in it and is required to access my NAS.  I removed Adobe from my other system that was having the same issue and it has not frozen since (very disturbing when 2 desktop systems freeze almost simultaneously / problem begins on the same date when nothing has been changed on he system -- my other system is a video surveillance server and is on 24/7).


      I have waited to post this for months until I was certain Flash needing an update was in fact the issue (basically it is to the point of ridiculously not fixed), so here I am. This lockup issue comes, Adobe is updated, and issue goes away.  Even more frustring that this happens while I am programming so losing work is never fun, especially due to something as mundane as an application update.


      It strikes me as odd that the Installer/uninstaller (FlashUtil...) is running.... Why is the installer/uninstaller running if the updates have been disabled? (sigh)


      So what's really going on here?