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    Why is a workflow "stale"?


      I'm writing a workflow to send an email each time an user is created and I'm calling this workflow from a POJO. Everything looks good, no errors, in debug mode in my POJO I see that the workflow starts, there are no messages in my inbox. This is what my log says:

      day.cq.workflow.impl.CQWorkflowSession Workflow instance started with model: /etc/workflow/models/send-user-email/jcr:content/model and  ID: /etc/workflow/instances/2013-04-04/model_17333941154731 for payload: /home/users/group01/xx@yy.com


      My model only includes a workflow process step to send the email. Here comes the problem... it's not sending the email, I'm debuging the workflow and is not passing through the step that I wrote. In the workflow console the workflow the instance says "STALE". What causes the workflow going to stale state?