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    Can I make a transition automatically match the length of overlap between two video clips?

    Mark Morreau Level 2

      An editor asked me if there's a way in CS6 (or CSnext for that matter) to make it behave like Premiere 6.5 used to do.

      For those who remember, in the pre-Pro days of Premiere, (4.2, 5.1, 6 and 6.5) there were tracks A, B and a transition track. If you put a clip on track A, and a clip on track B, and they overlapped a bit, when you added a transition to the transition track it was automaticaly the length of that overlap.

      Can I make that happen in CS6? Say I put a clip on V1 and a clip on V2 and they overlap by five seconds, can I add a transition that will automatically be five seconds long, and the midpoint of that transition will be 2.5 seconds?

      I've had a go at a bunch of ways, but can't get it down to below a KB shortcut and two click'n'drags.


      This isn't a life or death situation, or something that most of us need for our workflows. This chap still uses Premiere 6.5 and a Canopus DVStorm card for his editing. But he asked me this question and my curiosity was piqued. I said I'd do some research, so here I am, researching!