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    site seems to publish fine, and shows up correctly in Preview in console, but doesn't push to www


      this was working fine for weeks.  


      on muse, site changes seem to go fine and when i publish it seem to suggest the correct site name with the www.domainname.com  below it.   publish action on muse seems fine. 


      when i look in the admin console, and hit the Preview i see the modified site... but when i go to the www.domainname.com  it isn't updated.


      the piece of disclosure/info here is that the machine i'm on was on a network that we decided to take off of domain/domain controller and go back to simple workgroup.   when i launched muse the first time, i had forgotten to move some of the setup folders back in to the new user directory.  this particular site was the only one i opened prior to getting those adobe and adobe muse folders moved.   i did try to publish it and had to pick which of my sites to publish to, but that all seemed ok.    my other sites (opened after moving the folders) all update fine, show up in Preview in console, and at the live www


      if a catalyst person grabs this, i'm happy to give you account and site stuff if that helps.