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    Custom scroll bar in edge animate?


      Hello everyone!


      I have been test edge animate for a while now playing with all it's buttons and gadets and I recently came across a java script code which allows the timeline to be controled by the scrollbar, which you can download for youself below. To my understanding it is an early preview of edge commons 9.0 which is being worked on by simonwidjaja and his team.




      I love the ability to be able to control the timeline by the scrollbar. However this type of effect only looks smooth on browsers with smooth scrolling. And because very few browsers ship with smooth scrolling by default (I believe Firefox is the only one) and very few internet users have the knowedge to turn smooth scrolling on it kind of ruins the parallax effect when it is viewed on a browser that skips 150 px (or in our case many frames of the animation) every time you scroll down.


      Does anyone know either how build a custom scrollbar in edge animate that would be triggered by the mousewheel and keyboard that would control the animation? If so please please please let me know, I have tried doing this myself for about a week and have gotten nowhere.


      Thank you so much for your help!