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    PopUpManager.removePopUp . . . Twice

      I have what appears to be a really weird problem that I haven't seen addressed anywhere. I have a Canvas that I'm popping up with this call:

      newDesignPopUp = PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, NewDesign, true);

      It works just as expected. My pop up shows up just as I'd expect. On that popup, I have a Cancel button whose handler has but one line:


      What's really weird is that this line works . . . halfway. The form behind, which is diffused in color/grayed becomes a little less gray, but the pop up doesn't go away. I click on the button a second time and the pop up goes away completely. OK, so I'd think I could just call this line twice and get it to go away. No dice. It's like the event handling process has to complete fully once and then complete fully twice before the pop up actually goes away.

      Again, I looked quite a bit online and couldn't find this issue addressed anywhere. Any ideas?