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    scaling a nested multicam project


      I did a three camera shoot with all the cameras set to 1080p and will be outputting to 720p. I would like to fix some shots, (mostly tighting by scaling) if possible, but not sure how to properly set up the sequences for scaling  without losing quality. I haven't started yet but this is the process I am thinking.


      Create a 720p source sequence.

      Scale down the source sequence from the effects panel to 67%

      Create a 720p Multicam Destination sequence

      Nest the source sequence into the Multicam Destination sequence.

      While editing the multicam sequence when I find a spot that I want to tighten go back to the source sequence and scale up but keep it under 100%


      or this


      create a 1080p source sequence

      creae a 720p multicam sequence

      nest the 1080 sequence into the 720 sequence and scale down with the effects panel

      during editing scale up inside the multicam sequence (staying under 100%) where I want to make adjustments.


      I know the  best method is to frame properly during recording but unfortunately it didn't work out that way.

      I would think keeping my scaling under 100% would prevent loss of resolution but maybe I am wrong.


      Is there a better method of doing this or is it not possible to nest and scale multicam footage without losing resolution?

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          Jim_Simon Level 9

          Go with the first method.

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            m0rr1s3 Level 1

            thank you.


            During editing if I find a spot that needs scaling can I go back to the source sequence and scale or do I need to complete all the scaling before nesting? I am not sure how premeire handles the footage once it is nested.

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              Actually, now that I think about it I should have recommended the second method.  This will allow you to scale up only that section in the multicam that needs scaling, because any scaling you do in the original sequence will get applied to every edit in the multicam sequence.

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                m0rr1s3 Level 1

                I have a new question regarding this. I would like to setup most of my projects to be able to do minor scaling. My projects are almost always three camera shoots. I always record 1080p but never output more than 720p. For this project I went with the first method and when I started working on the 720p multicam sequence the multicam window for each camera refers back to the 1080P sequence. Since I am in a 720p timeline this creates a scaled view of each camera. My 720P timeline monitor is accurate and the final output is correct. I just get scaled views of each camera in my multicam windows. Is there a way to setup the multicam windows correctly without changing the quality of my video.