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    CS6/ACR 7.x not recognizing Canon 5d Mark 3 files previously edited in same version. Help?


      Why are my previously edited canon 5d mark 3 raw xmp files no longer recognized and all sliders set to zero? I can see the xmp files associated with the raw file in their folder. The files were originally edited in CS6/ACR 7.x -in July 2012 - and recently re-opened in the same CS6/ACR 7.x.


      The canon 5d mark 2 files from the same time/event are showing up fine. I have updated everything, but both before and after the update, same issue with the Mark 3 files.


      On a side note:

      We have found that opening mark 2 files (that were originally edited in CS4 / ACR 5.7) in CS 6 / ACR 7.x and making any changes such as color coding causes all previous xmp information being zero'd out in the mark 2 xmp file. Not sure if this is a symptom of the same problem? Except the difference here is the Mark 3 files have never been touched outside of version CS6/ACR7.x - however the folder which holds both mark 2 & mark 3 files from the same event has been opened in the CS4 / ACR 5.7 window but without touching the files. By opening the folder in CS4 I can see that the Mark 3 files aren't reading and then know this event was originally edited in CS6/ACR 7.x



      PS CS6 13.0.4 x64

      Mac OSX 10.6.8

      Canon 5d Mark 3 Raw files

      This is the first time in these circumsances that this issue has presented itself.


      Any insight would be much appreciated


      Thank you!