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    Reinstalled Windows 7, now a few problems with premiere CS6




      I had to reinstall Windows 7 to get rid of a virus; now when I open premiere CS6 it takes AGES to load and constantly generates"peak files". NOt just the first time but everytime. My footage is still in the same EHDD it was before.


      If anyone could please help? It's a big project so it's now uneditable as it won't play at normal speed.


      Many thanks in advance

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          joe bloe premiere Level 5

          You need to be sure to allow Premiere plenty of time to complete

          conforming all of the audio in your project before you try to edit.

          If your project contains a lot of media files, this can take a lot

          of time depending on your hardware setup.

          If you interrupt the conforming and exit Premiere, the next

          time you open the project, the conforming will continue.


          I would delete all of the files in your Media Cache Files folder,

          re-open the project, then wait patiently for conforming to finish.

          Exit, wait a minute for all Adobe processes to close, then re-open.

          If at that point you have a couple more media files conform... that's

          not particularly unusual... let it finish, save / exit / wait / re-open.


          If you are still re-conforming all audio files after this routine,

          there might be a hardware or software configuration problem.