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    How can I read an ebook with DMR in my kobo?


      I bought a book with DRM. When I want to open my ebook on my kobo, a message says it is impossible to open the document. I created an Adobe ID. What do I do next? I am still not able to open on my kobo. I can open on my computer only... Help me please!

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          sjpt Level 4

          It this a dedicated kobo eReader device or kobo tablet?  If tablet, which eReader app are you trying to use?



          If a dedicated eReader device, you must register it on ADE (Adobe Digital Editions) while it is plugged into the computer by USB.

          Usually, ADE will automatically prompt you to register the device if it is plugged in when ADE starts.

          If not,  there should be be an item like 'Authorize Device' in the Library menu dropdown.


          ADE 2.0 is stroppy with some devices. 

          If ADE recognized the device when plugged in with USB it will show up in the left panel in the ADE Library view.

          If it doesn't, try ADE1.7.2 which is more reliable than ADE2.0.


          Version 1.7.2, it is a little difficult to find, available on Adobe site for Windows and for Mac.


          The forum software is sometimes corrupting the link above.  There shouldn't be a blank in 'editio ns.html'.  The following redirects to the same page: http://tinyurl.com/diged172



          If a kobo tablet, please post back with more details about the tablet and the eReader app you are using.

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            Anaelle0211 Level 1

            I can to connect my Kobo Touch to my computer and transferring books inside with Adobe Digital Edition 2. I've been with each other before. This time the book is with MDR. What I read on the internet, you can not transfer the book to other device other than the computer if I do not have Adobe ID. I created an account, but I am still not able to put my book in my Kobo Touch. Do you have idea to what I do? Thank for help!

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              sjpt Level 4

              The full sequence needed for accessing and reading DRM (Digital Rights Management, MDR?) books is:


              Needed just once to set things up.

              1. Get the Adobe account ID (as you have already done)

              2. Register this account with your copy of ADE (Adeobe Digital Editions). 
                If you have already used ADE without registering, it will have set up a rather unhelpful 'anonymous' account.
                You may need to deregister that using ctrl-shift-D (cmd-shift-D on Mac), restart ADE, and  then register your real new adobe ID with ADE.

              3. Register the Kobo Touch with your Adobe ID.  Plug it in using USB, start ADE, and ADE should ask if you want to register it.
                If it doesn't, you may need to use the Library menu on ADE, and choose 'Register Device'.

                If the device is somehow already registered with a different ID, you will need to deregister the device  using ctrl-shift-E (cmd-shift-E on Mac) to ADE with the device plugged in.  Then restart ADE, and register the device.


              For each book, you will need to

              1. Download the .acsm file (from library or bookstore or ...)
              2. Open it in ADE so that ADE downloads the DRM .epub file.  
                You can't open a .acsm with ADE File open (ctrl-O).  Either associate .acsm with ADE so it opens automatically, or drag-drop the .acsm file onto ADE.
              3. Now drag-drop within ADE onto the Kobo device to copy the file.



              There may be one problem.  Once you access a .acsm file with a given AdobeID, it can no longer be used on any other ID.

              If you open a .acsm file using ADE while ADE is registered with an anonymous account (as mentioned in step 2 at the top),

              the book will then become associated with that anonymous ID. 

              You can't use that anonymous ID on any other device and you won't be able to read the book on any other device.

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                Anaelle0211 Level 1

                Thank you very much! I created a new ID on my ADE and re-register my Kobo. The book still did not work and I called the place where I bought the book. Everything is arranged. Thank you for your time, you've really helped.