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    How can I exclude js tracing code from chm ssl?

    TechDoc Jeanne Level 1


      I was able to include a script reference in my master pages for page tracking per post 13 in this topic http://forums.adobe.com/message/2915949.

      Now, I need to find a way to exclude this from my chm output. Conditional coding applied to the script statement doesn't work, as RH changes the conditional "wrapper" into a style= parameter inside the <script...> statement when I save the master page.

      I also tried placing it between two empty paragraphs and then conditionally coding the whole thing, but without success. The paragraphs are coded correctly, but separately, and the <script...> statement gets the style parameter added.

      Is there any way to exclude the <script ...> statement from the chm output?

      Maybe creating a snippet with the <script...> statement, then add the snippet to the master page, then conditionally code that?

      I'd be glad for any ideas...