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    rolling nav bar

    3d_modeler Level 1
      I'm new here, looking for some help. I'm not too experienced in Flash but my boss needs me to make a scrolling nav bar. Basically it will be a bar about 100 pixels high and 100% width at the bottom of the page. The point of the swf is almost a powerpoint, there are going to be 100+ pages/frames. The title box will be on display in the center bar taking up about 75% of the width with 5 or 6 next bars on the right and 5 or 6 previous bars on the left. If the user clicks the next button it will wipe onto the nav bar and squish the previously large title bar into a small bar on the left. I hope I've made this clear. Is there any type of script or anything that could help me to do this without making 100+ animation for each page?