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    Need some tips for my little shoot script in A.S. 2.0

    chrisatflash Level 1
      Dear Flash wizzards,
      After spending a lot of hours on this script, because i am not a wizzard (yet :) i almost give up.

      I created 3 objects.
      The target (you can drag this up and down)
      The shooter (i rotate this onEnterFrame in the right degrees to hit the target);
      The balls (the bullets) that hit the target in the middle.

      As you can see it works almost:
      my example

      The problems i have is:
      When you drag the target up and down fast.. the bullets also move up and down and
      dont follow the way in a linear way.
      Whe the degree is about zero.. the speed of the bullet is to fast.. the bullet speed should be constant.

      Now i have many mathematic drawings on my paper and used my calculator a lot, but perhaps
      someone already did this before and would like to share his/her source code. At least i tried it myself :)

      My source code is: