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      I downloaded the latest version of ACR (7.4) today, not only did it NOT install but it also managed to delete the plugin in Photoshop as well as in Bridge.


      I have donwloaded it again but it fails to install.


      I would like a solution asap as I have a whole shoot to process and cannot do a thing!!!!



      David May

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          kendallplant Adobe Employee

          Hi David, because the forum you originally posted in is for beginners trying to learn the basics of Photoshop, I moved your question to the Adobe Camera Raw forum, where you'll get more specialized help.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I know, this is a dumb question. But, you are using Photoshop CS6? Did you try, in Photoshop, Help/Updates? That's what I did. I received notification that there was an update, chose to install it, was eventually instructed to close Photoshop. The update completed, and everything works. Incidentally,:

            What platform?

            What OS?

            And any other information you can provide about your computer will probably assist others in providing you the help you are looking for.

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              Dave_May Level 1

              Thanks as sorry in my desperation to solve this I realised that was what I had done after doing it.


              As you can imagine my client is not very happy that i cannot process the shoot for them.



              David May

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                Dave_May Level 1


                Here is my set up details:

                • The exact version of the Adobe Application you are running.
                • Photoshop Version 13 x64
                • Your Operating System details.
                • Mac 10.7.5
                • Amount of installed RAM.
                • 8 Gigs
                • Amount of free disk space.
                • 50 gigs
                • Make/Model of Video Card.
                • AMD Radeon HD 6970M 2048 MB graphics
                • Printer Details if you have a print problem
                • Not a printer problem
                • The EXACT text of any Error Messages you saw.
                • There is No Error message
                • Precise symptoms of your problem
                • When I downloaded ACR 7.4 and installed it, it deleted the existing version (7.3) along with the Photoshop plugin and the new installation failed. Now I have no plugin and the update does not work.
                • I have tried all the other avenues before I got here and am only asking for help here because I could not find it myself. I am linked to Adobe update manager and I did not get a message about closing photoshop because it was closed before I did the download as was Bridge which also will not let me open my .NEF files.

                Also the update has deleted/ removed my plugin for camera raw.

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                  Michelle Qi Adobe Employee



                  Please email me at mqi@adobe.com<mailto:mqi@adobe.com> and I will help you offline. Thanks.