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    How do learners access host's content library?

    parliament of owls

      My learners need access to everything shared in a share pod as well as the recordings of the meetings.  How do they do this?  Your help is much appreciated.

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          You could place all the objects shared in the meeting in a File pod, so individuals in the live meeting or those watching the recording can download the meeting assets.


          Otherwise, you would either need to place the objects in a folder in the Shared Content library, and give appropriate permissions for the desired registered users to view that folder and the contents within. You could also make all of the desired objects in the Content Library Publicly Viewable, then just post the links to the objects. This will allow the individuals to view the objects share in the share pod and the recordings without having to give Username and Password credentials.


          Publicly viewable content:


          Public viewing - yes.JPG


          Pubicly viewable recordings (if not in the content library):


          Recording public viewing.jpg