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    Number of allowed authorisations




      I have a computer that is going to be replaced so I want to de-authorize the ADE installation on the old one.  On the forum I have found that you have to use the ctrl+shift+D combination to be able to de-authorize.  However, when I click this a message is displayed that de-authorizing does not cause the number of allowed authorizations to increase.  But that is exactly what I want : when I decommission a computer (so I will not use it anymore) I expect this ADE installation not to count anymore against my number of allowed authorizations.


      How can this be addressed?  And where can I find the remaining number of authorisations?

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          sjpt Level 4

          de-authorizing does not cause the number of allowed authorizations to increase

          I didn't know that; it makes the Adobe infrastructure even worse than I thought.

          I'm not sure what happens when you have to reauthorize the same device; for example after installing a new operating system; or running more than one eReader app on a tablet.


          If you contact Adobe they will remove authorizations from all your devices and you can then reauthorize the ones you still want to use.

          (I think they'll only do this once you actually run out of authorizations.)

          Live Chat is easiest http://www.adobe.com/support/chat/ivrchat.html


          Of course it would be better if Adobe supported their DRM infrastructure properly and provided a web page to view and manage authorizations; but don't hold your breath.

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            Chris74b Level 1

            Thanks for your feedback.


            Indeed this is crappy infrastructure.  I use Itunes too and apple perfectly supports tracking the number of authorised computers, plus I can manage the authorisations.  Way better that the Adobe approach!