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    Missing Feature: Third Party Component Support in M3

      Hi there,

      it was announced, that Flex Builder 3 comes up with new support options for third-party components in the M3 release. See Flex Builder Planning for details. I searched for a while now and didn't find anything specific on that topic :(

      Can you give me some information about the feature? Is it in M3 and I'm just blind? If not, is it still planned (as M3 should be feature-complete)? How am I able to customize the FlexBuilder Design View for my components/frameworks?

      I did it with FB2 but the file structure is now completely different and I just found a framework.xml. Played around with it a little, but wasn't able to get satisfactory results... if there are any ressources about the customizing of FB3 Design view, please let me know.

      Best Regards