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    Question about roll and crawl.


      I developing a title's importer plug-in for Premiere Pro CS6.
      I have a question about roll and crawl of Premiere Pro SDK.


      1.A function to acquire the duration of the clip in the timeline.
        I want to set for the user in the time line on the duration of the roll(and crawl).
        I hope for a method same as the duration setting of the roll(and crawl) which I made by a standard title in Premiere Pro CS6.


      2.Is imImageInfoRec.isRollCrawl supported?
        It has been set to 1 imImageInfoRec.isRollCrawl but, selector of imRollCrawlRenderPage and imGetRollCrawlInfo is not called.


      3.About a value of inFrameTime of imGetSourceVideo when I set imImageInfoRec.noDuration = imNoDurationStillDefault.
        Because I wanted to do duration setting without a limit about roll(and crawl), I set imImageInfoRec.noDuration = imNoDurationStillDefault.
        However, inFrameTime of imSourceVideoRec receiving in imGetSourceVideo becomes the unidentified value.
        In this case, please teach a handling of inFrameTime value.


      Thank you.

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          Zac Lam Adobe Employee

          Hi PenPen,


          1. The way roll/crawl clips work in PPro is that they automatically adjust to the duration of the clip in the timeline.  An importer sets imImportInfoRec.canDoContinuousTime = true.  Then in imImportImage, when it is asked to provide a frame, the importer checks the imImportImageRec.pos, which should give the time position in between the start and end of the roll/crawl from in to out (0 to 1000).


          So generally for a roll/crawl, the import doesn’t know the exact in/out points in the timeline, but rather the time position between the start and end of the roll/crawl.


          2. These selectors added in the past when real-time hardware manufacturers would supply a player plug-in along with their importers.  The built-in player in Premiere Pro does not use imGetRollCrawlInfo / imRollCrawlRenderPage, so these selectors are not going to be called if you are just developing an importer.


          3. As mentioned above, to do duration setting without a limit, you'll want to set imImportInfoRec.canDoContinuousTime = true.