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    Parent Child Relationships between Drop Down Menus


      I  have a request for additional functionality.  Parent child relationships between drop down lists.



      for example,

      the first dropdown, could contain North, South, East, West & assign values of 1, 2, 3, 4.

      the second dropdown, could contain a filtered set of data depending on the option from the first dropdown,

      so the data could look like this in the second drop down:


      Manchester 1

      Leeds 1

      London 2

      Southampton 2

      Norfolk 3

      Newquay 4



      so if I select North in the first dropdown, the second drop down would contain all the items with a value of 1, so Manchester & Leeds.



      I have managed  to get round this using conditional show & hide, but it is much  messier on the design screen & also the way in which the data

      will be returned is very very messy - seems like a simple addition which would improve the functionality  no end.