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    No longer view 'print size' in CS6

    Emily Ellers



      Whenever I run 'updates' for Photoshop CS6 the 'view' > 'print size' option disappears & has been replaced with 100% which is not the same thing! I am a designer & need to view 'actual scale' on screen while working & 100% is much, much bigger than this. I have tried playing with the screen pixel ratio & modes as I am on a retina 13" macbook pro but this doesn't make what I see 'real size' on 100% mode either. Can anypme make any suggestions as obviously I want to benefit from the other functions that the updates provide without this function being disabled. Each time I try running the updates, the same thing happens & I have to reinstall Photoshop from my original CD (therefore loosing all my saved brushes & patterns which is annoying). Any suggestions let me know, thanks