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    Getting files from Server to WWW Server.

    AJDValien Level 1

      Hi all,


      We have a system where our WWW server has a builder on it for materials and it talks to our InDesign Server CS 5.5 via SOAP for transmitting the jobs to be processed. On the INDS backed it's using a symlinked folder to copy the finished files back to the WWW server. Our devs also talked about using FTP for this process.


      My concern is that this will increase the rendering and return time back to the WWW server after the INDS processes the IDML files.


      Is there no other way to get the INDS server to return the finished content? Transmitting to it is easy via SOAP but vice-versa?


      How you all do it when you have your WWW and INDS servers on different machines?