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    Single InDesign file freezes when adding or deleting a page


      I am using InDesign 6 on a PC running Windows 7. One particular file will not let me add or delete pages; when I try, the whole program freezes. I am able to do other things: make edits, export, etc.--just not add or delete a page. I've tried adding the page by right-clicking on a page in the Pages panel, and also by going to the Layout menu and selecting Insert page.


      All other files work fine.


      I have tried saving it under another name and deleting some images, to no avail. I have also tried saving it to my desktop rather than the server, also with no luck.


      I also tried to save it as an IDML file, thinking that might work. That also froze everything up.


      What might be in the file that's causing this to happen?