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    A real noodle scratcher - CFML renders randomly

    Aegis Kleais Level 3

      We're on CF 10 Standard in a virtualized Windows 2008 Datacenter environment working on this really old CF application.  For some reason, requesting the application results in 1 of the 3 following results seemingly randomly:


      • The page loads just fine as intended (HTTP 200, 302 and 304s come back)
      • The page loads part of its content, stopping generation at some random point (HTTP 200, 304 and FAILED come back)
      • The page does not display any information whatsoever (HTTP 200, 304 and FAILED come back)


      Using the Web Developer Toolbar, I can see that when the pages don't load fully, there is either an Error 101 (ERR_CONNECTION_RESET) or an Error 103 (ERR_CONNECTION_ABORT).  To troubleshoot, I disabled the application.cfc (by renaming to .old) and took the code that was generated on a successful page load and placed it into a test.cfm, which I called.  Doing this and calling the test.cfm page results in the page display all the content every single time, whatsoever.


      Random is a hard thing to troubleshoot.  What would cause CF (or IIS, or anything else on the network) to randomly cut connections like this?


      The only thing I could think of is some request-filter that maybe prevents too many requests at the same time, but having checked that area in IIS, I can see no such setting is implemented.