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    Required fields

    NativeShadow62 Level 1

      I have several required fields on one document:

      1. I have an error message that pops up instructing the user to put in the correct data before moving on....BUT as soon as the user hits OKAY the cursor goes to the next field (also a required field).  How do I get the cursor to drop back to the original required field?


      2. I have a line of text fields that are not REQUIRED (are hidden) as long as the first is not populated. When the user enters text into the first text field the 4 behind it become visible.  Unfortunately, the cursor is still passing those fields up and going to the next visible field after the REQUIRED fields.  Is there a way to place the cursor into the new visible field?


      I have used setFocus on all of these fields, trying to force them to return to the previous or the next fields (depending on what I am trying to do), but that seems to be ignored completely.


      I am setting these jovascript codes in onBlur, on the ACTIONS tab for each field.


      If you can help me with either of these, I would be VERY appreciative.  I have 26 forms I have work with and I hope, if I can figure out this first one, the rest will work without problems.