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    Problems with Form Wrapping




      I justed started using the Live Cycle Design to create my PDF forms. I'm trying to figure out three things:


      • My image is not showing up in the design view or the pdf view - I see the outline of the image but not the image itself
      • How do I wrap my form - I created a text box where the users can type in information. The box expands but its written over other contents of the form instead of pushing things down. Other contents below this box consist of text boxes, drop menus.


      Your help is greatly appreciated!


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          Mandy_Wiesener Level 3



          for the correct textflow you have to do the following.


          Start with the smallest item - your dynamic textfield. This needs:

          • allow multiple lines (object - field)
          • expand to fit (layout - height)



          Then you go to the next one which contains this textfield. all this subforms needs to be flowed.

          • Take a look o the hierarchie.
          • Your textfield (in my example) is contained by the subform (dynSubform)
          • and from the  sibform (untitled Subform..)
          • All these subforms needs the setting "Content Flowed"



          And then you have to save your form as dynamic. Ready.


          Hope it will helps you,



          PS. For your problem with the image please provide any screenshot.

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            Nikki0469 Level 1

            Hi Mandy,


            I'm sorry - I tried following what you said and it still confused me I completed the form and thought i did the hierchy correctly but it messed up the whole document.


            Is there a way fo ryou to take a quick peek at what I did wrong? I'm not even sure how to attach a document here...

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              Mandy_Wiesener Level 3

              Hi Nikki,


              sorry for my late reply I was very ill.

              Sure I can take a look. Please send me your PDF to superman_dy [at] web [dot] de


              Kind regards Mandy

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                Nikki0469 Level 1

                Hi Mandy,


                I hope you are feeling better!! I was able to figure out the wrap text and header thing. Is there a way to have the LiveCycle design do calucations (percentage)? I'm not a programmer so java script etc. is going to go over my head


                Also - when I save the form as Enabler in Adobe - can be form be distributed? I'm trying to figure out a way where the user doesnt have to do a save as and send the form to the next approver.



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                  Mandy_Wiesener Level 3

                  Hi Nikki,


                  yes I'm fine thx!! Great. Congratulations for solving the problem.


                  I would like to help you but I think it's better to close this discussion as correct or..? and then create a new discussion with a significant title. Then can find other users this discussion and the solution for this.


                  And yes calculation is no difficult to realize.


                  Kind regards Mandy