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      help, i am a student who needs to submit a projet tomorrow!
      i am creating an interactive sound scape and working with animated bitmaps (png mainly)
      MC works when i test swf without AS,but when i action script it, the only thing that works is the stop();....
      i think the problem is that it started its life as a bitmap (i ofcouse
      converted it to a graphic, animated it and put it inside the MC...)
      i've noticed that although i've "converted" the bitmap, it remains in
      the library, and is tied to the graphic symbol (if i delete the
      bitmap, the image disappears from the graphic symbol), i'm pretty sure
      i need to do something with the "linkage" but not sure where im
      suppose to define it in the AS....
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          Automatic conversion is both available, WITH DIFFERENT RANGE, from the property panel (up left corner) or the library (right clicking).
          If you convert the king of a symbol in the library, its occurence on the scene would remain old kind.

          Perharps a part of your pb comes from this...
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            clbeech Level 3
            not really sure what the problem is here, when you made a graphic symbol from the bitmap, you're not converting it, just putting it in a container. leave the image in the Library, why do you want to remove it?

            you can use BitmapData.loadBitmap, but then you need to use the rest of the methods of the BitmapData class to attach it and render it, and I dont see why you would need to do so.

            what 'actionscript' are you adding that isn't working?