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    Can an interactive pdf reference other interactive pdfs?



      I need to create an interactive pdf where there's a "master" cover page, intro page and table of contents (TOC) page. On the TOC page, there are 6 buttons that should link to other interactive pdfs. The navigation (previous page, next page, home and TOC) will be the same on all of the pages. Is this possible or does this need to be self contained and be one large file instead? The ultimate goal is to view this on an iPad. The concept is sort of like an InDesign book file (which I am unfamiliar with) where one file can link to other files that are already programmed with buttons, rollovers, etc. If there is a change to 1 of the 6 pdfs files, would it automatically update somehow? Thoughts? Thank you!!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I don't think this will work on an iPad. As I understand it, linking between PDF files only works when you have the reference as a absolute path, like this Macintosh example: [drive name] > Users > [username] > Desktop. If you're creating the linking on a Macintosh or PC, you're expecting that it will work on the iOS operating system, which has a totally different file system.


          If you want it to work, it will have to be one file.


          Furthermore, there are issues with interactivity being viewed in PDFs on the iPad. Hyperlinks usually work but buttons wouldn't work on the free Adobe Reader. It can work in paid readers like GoodReader or PDF Expert (with some limitations). For example, buttons work in PDF Reader, but if I use text in the button, it had to be turned into outline. Read more about on this blog post and other references in the posting:


          Finding the Best Tablet PDF Reader - InDesign Secrets

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            GinaMAlteri13 Level 1

            Thank you so much. I will have to do some testing or purchase the special reader. That's frustrating but at least I know now not to waste time setting up seperate files. Thanks again and have a great weekend. --Gina