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    Getting a semi-transparent graphic onto a spot plate in InDesign CS6

    Brighton Lance Level 1

      I'm struggling to get elements of a design onto the fifth colour plate in my InDesign file. Example is shown below. I have made a number of rough-edged strips that retain an element of semi-transparency along their edges (so that the background shows through slightly and gives a brushed/painted on effect). The client needs these elements to be on a fifth plate, Pantone 1385.


      I have tried making the graphic as a greyscale psd and as a greyscale tiff with transparency included, but I can't seem to select within InDesign using the content tool and making it on the fifth plate in my ID palette.


      Have done it as a CMYK psd for time being on example below just to allow me to show the client as a visual.


      Can anyone help me? I have also (briefly) explored channels in Photoshop as well but can't make and headway there too. Is there a simple solution?


      Many thanks for any advice.