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    Mac Mini - Premiere Elements webcam


      I have both Adobe Premiere Elements 10 and 11.  I upgraded thinking it would maybe fix a problem with my Mac Mini.  I have a Logitech C615 webcam and own both a PC (Sony Vaio i5 Laptop) and a Mac Mini i5 version both with 8gb or ram.  Both use Intel HD 3000 graphics.  The webcam works fine on the PC when running both v10 and v11.  But on my Mac Mini recording freezes at almost precisely 10 seconds into the session.  I called technical support and the young man that assisted me tried very hard to troubleshoot the issue.  We tried creating a new Admin User, changing the project settings etc, but nothing worked.  Finally he suggested I buy a Firewire camera.  So I purchased an external iSight camera and it worked fine.  But the resolution is nowhere near that of the Logitech C615 which works fine when recording with Quicktime.  I also had an old Logitech Quickcam deluxe which works fine as well but lacks the resolution.


      Does anyone know of a HD Webcam that is working on the Mac Mini with Premiere Elements?  I just ordered a Gearhead 1.3mp webcam which states it records in 720p and is Mac Compatible.  But for $15 I am not expecting a lot.