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    AE crashes when loading project "occured while invoking effect plug-in "Warp Stabilizer". Details.

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      Start with my PC info:

      pc info 1.jpg

      and some details:

      pc info 2.jpg


      So I have a linked composition from Premiere Pro CS6 in After Affects CS6. Just last night I was working on it, everything was going well, I exported a test copy and that worked, everything was great for the night and I saved and closed. Tried to re-open the project this morning in Premier Pro and it wouldn't load, so I opened up After Affects and I get the following error messages. I am able to load other projects successfuly, and I did not relocate any assets after I closed the programs last night. I have tried restarting and reloading several times and I get the same error messages consistently. I have searched the boards for similar problems and found a couple possible solutions #1 "Use capslock when opening the project to supress refresh. Then re-render the effects that are causing problems. I tried this and it didn't seem to work, but I may not have been doing it correctly, I simply held down caps lock and made sure it was on when I clicked on the project to load it, however I received the same errors. #2 delete the cache files for the project and re-render. I can't seem to locate any cache files for this project in the after affects folder, is this referring to the cache files in Premiere Pro? I'll admit i'm a little afraid to do that...





      How would you all recommend I proceed? I'm completely willing to re-link files or do whatever needs to get done. I'm also kind of curious what happened though... so I can avoid it in the future.