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    Auto Save ?

    Lone Lobo Level 1

      I am using 6.0

      My autosave seems to be saving "recover" versions of the project I am working on.  The sequence is intact and plays fine and I have saved in manually often with no problems, however all the autosave files look like this:

      "title"~recover-1, -2, -3 etc.

      When I load them, they inform me they are recovered versions and that all bets are off.  And they are as most of them don't have most of my sequence intact.


      Any ideas as to what I may be doing to generate these ~recover autosaves?


      Also, while I'm at it...is there any way to clear the Recent projects list that is presented at the startup screen?

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          John T Smith Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          >using 6.0


          Is there some particular reason you have not updated?


          All Adobe updates start here and select product, read to see if you need to install updates in number order, or if the updates are cumulative for the individual product http://www.adobe.com/downloads/updates/


          I don't know if autosave is part of the updates, but there are a lot of bug fixes and enhancements

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            jstrawn Adobe Employee

            Any ideas as to what I may be doing to generate these ~recover autosaves?

            I think you probably opened a recovery project after a crash or force quit and it's saving copies of the recover project, You want to re-save the prject (save as) as a new verison of your saved project, then it shoudl auto-save as you expect.